söndag 10 augusti 2008


We meet at brunchtime at Julie's restaurant in Notting Hill. A, who is passing through London en route from her cottage in Bath to Paris, arrives on time with two armfuls of shopping bags. She is petite at 5ft 2in, with big eyes under a mop of natural auburn ringlets, and a kindly but slightly self-conscious air that at first makes her averse to eye-contact. Her clothes are fashionable but low key - black drainpipe jeans, white trainers, white T-shirt, grey lambswool cardigan, a bit of chunky silver jewellery, and light make-up with heavy mascara. The main thing you notice is her hair; when she is uncomfortable answering a question, she pulls her large wool scarf up over her chin and tugs at a ringlet, as if it were attached to the bit of brain containing the answer.
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